Two Carrier Strike Groups Double Down in Western Pacific

The USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) strike groups commenced dual carrier flight operations in the Philippine Sea June 18.

Source: Two Carrier Strike Groups Double Down in Western Pacific

Is this a show of force by the USA for China’s ever expanding in the South China Sea?

How would China react?

What does this signify?




Motorola teases new version of RAZR flip phone

The Razr flip phone was first introduced in 2004. Now, new owner Lenovo is expected to unveil an updated, Android powered version of the phone next month.

Source: Motorola teases new version of RAZR flip phone

Will you buy this Android base Flip Phone? I sure will.

Judging by the date on the video, we can know for sure the spec by this 6th September 2016.

Philadelphia passes soda tax after mayor rewrites playbook – Channel NewsAsia

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney scored a victory that eluded more than 40 U.S. public officials who took on the powerful U.S. soda industry when the city council voted on Thursday to slap a tax on sweetened drinks.

“in Malaysia public health care is subsidize by the government and Malaysia does have a growing number of type 2 diabetes cause by an excessive intake of high calorie food, sugary drinks and lack of exercise.

i do think this “soda tax” if implemented by countries that are subsidizing their public health services is a good way to deter the public from excessive drinking of sugary drinks which will ease the budget burden on the healthcare system which in turn the surplus budget can be use to improve other areas of public health care”.

what do you think about “soda taxes”?



Source: Philadelphia passes soda tax after mayor rewrites playbook – Channel NewsAsia

Tick Tock

Taken from CNN

Disney alligator attack: Investigators search for answers

Lake Buena Vista, Florida (CNN)As a family mourns the death of their son, investigators are trying to pinpoint which alligator grabbed the 2-year-old and pulled him into a lagoon near a Walt Disney World hotel.

A dive team found the toddler, Lane Graves, deadĀ on Wednesday. The gator responsible might be dead as well — but authorities aren’t sure yet.

Search teams captured and euthanized at least five alligators as they combed the waters for the boy Tuesday night and Wednesday, officials said.

Forensics teams will try to determine whether one of the alligators already taken from the lake is the one that dragged off the boy, officials said. If not, the search for alligators in the lake will continue.

“We’re going to make certain that we have the alligator that was involved, and that we remove it from the lake,” Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Executive Director Nick Wiley said.

So are they going to kill every single alligator in the area like what they did to that gorilla. Anyway condolence to the family and RIP little boy.