Road Runner

Taken from The Malay mail

Ostrich fails freedom bid, now back home

PETALING JAYA, June 16 — Motorists along the Federal Highway could not believe their eyes yesterday when an ostrich escaped from its owner’s car and started sprinting beside vehicles on the fast lane.

For a few minutes, they were spellbound by the grace of the large flightless bird as it headed from Jalan University to the vicinity of the Mid Valley shopping mall.

The runaway bird’s owner Darren Chow, 44, who stopped his car and chased after six-month-old named Chickaboo, finally caught up with it after it slowed down.

Its 50-minute escapade over four kilometres began at 3.30pm as the animal behaviourist was transporting the pet to a farm in Semenyih as the behemoth bird had outgrown the garden at his house in SS2.

The white and black-feathered bird squeezed its way out of an open window and hit the road running.

“I stopped the car on the emergency lane and ran after Chickaboo. I thought I might lose her forever as she was running very fast,” he said.

Chow said he started shouting out its name as he was running and that could have resulted in the bird slowing down.

The afternoon drama cause a stir on the highway, with motorists pulling over as they saw Chickaboo in their rear-view mirror.

Motorcyclists had to swerve to avoid the fleeing fowl, which was oblivious to the attention it was getting.

Chow told Malay Mail that he uses his pets, which include ducks and turkeys, as educational tools in schools around the city.

“Chickaboo is popular among schoolchildren. I take all my pets to visit schools often,” added the animal-lover.

“She also tags along with me when I visit the homeless in Jalan Haji Taib. She is a hit among children there,” he said.

Malay Mail Online quoted BFM producer Jeff Sandhu as saying the giant bird switched lanes several times, causing cars to screech to a halt.

“It started out on the slow lane, then went to the emergency lane and later to the fast lane,” he said after his video of the running ostrich went viral on social media.

He said the ostrich could have been running at about 35kmh, while pedestrians took the opportunity to capture the unusual event on camera.

“As it ran pass a bus stop, many were cheering and laughing and taking videos,” he said.

Chickaboo was safely back at her home last night after Chow, who had perhaps run out of options, had a change of heart about sending his huge feathery friend to the farm.

A video by Bernard Yeoh showing the ostrich’s capture has been posted on Facebook.


When they say it is a jungle out there I didn’t thought they really meant it literally and who would have thought someone in kl actually kept an ostrich as a pet…

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